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5901 Corvette Street Los Angeles, CA 90040
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From our office in City of Commerce, California, our staff of experienced and highly trained professionals are available to answer your questions and provide technical assistance. Our office hours are 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday. For immediate assistance or to make an inquiry via phone please call (323) 887-7066 or fax (323) 887-8076.

Contact our technical sales staff and/or our applications engineers. They will demonstrate to you how to implement your ideas within a shorter timeframe by selecting the right Siemens product portfolio, using efficient engineering tools and applying specialist application expertise. Let us help you discover the wealth of the Siemens new products: Safety Technology, Motion Control, Sensor Technology, Automation Technology, and Industrial Communication products.

RK Controls – Los Angeles

5901 Corvette Street
Los Angeles, CA 90040

Phone: (323) 887-7066
Fax: (323) 887-8076

Our Team

Robert Karkafi

General Manager
Phone: (213) 718-6959

Peter Beshay

VP. Engineering
Phone: (714) 394-0392

Charlie Black

Software Selection
Network Specialist
Phone: (760) 484-0369

Maricela Ruiz

Sales Manager
Phone: (562) 481-1281


Switchboard Quotes
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Margarita Lopez

Inside Sales Associate
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Evellen Sadek

phone: (714) 394-0423

Michael Zarate

Contract Manufacturing
Quality Control Engineer
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Frank Chavez

Customer Service Supervisor
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Kristine Razal

Customer Service
Manufacturing Production Planner
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Karthick Deivanai

Contract Manufacturing
Quality Control Manager
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Jaime Herrera

Contract Manufacturing
Production Supervisor
Phone: (323) 887-7066

Thy Pham

Contract Manufacturing
Team Lead
Phone: (323) 887-7066

DJ Lee

Senior Electrical Engineer
Phone: (626) 265-4371

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