Catalog ST 70N, April 2009

Simatic S7-1200-Micro Controller for Totally Integrated Automation

I/O Modules
STEP 7 Basic Software
Integrated Technology
Control and Monitor
Basic Panels

Catalog  IK PI . 2012 Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: PROFINET / Industrial Ethernet
Chapter 3: PROFIBUS
Chapter 4: Distributed I/O SIMATIC ET 200
Chapter 5: Identification Systems SIMATIC Ident
Chapter 6: AS-InterfaceChapter 7: IO-Link
Chapter 8: Industrial Wireless Communication
Chapter 9: Industrial Remote Communication
Chapter 10: ECOFAST
Chapter 11: Appendix

Industrial Communication for Automation and Drives

Contains detailed information related to components of the Profibus, Profinet/Ethernet, Industrial Wireless & ASI Networks. It also contains detailed information related to components of the Distributed I/O family such as ET 200S, ET 200iSP, ET 200pro, ET 200L, ET 200M, ET 200eco & ET 200R.

Catalog ST 70, 2011

Products for Totally Integrated Automation and Micro Automation

Contains detailed information related to components of:

LOGO! Logic Module, SIMATIC S7-200 PLCs, SIMATIC S7-300 & SIMATIC S7-400 PLCs.

It also contains detailed information related to SIMATIC PLC Programming Software:
Standard Tools: STEP 7, STEP 7 Professional, STEP 7 Lite, STEP 7 - Micro / WIN & STEP 7-Micro/WIN instruction library.

Engineering Tools: S7-SCL, S7-GRAPH, S7-HiGraph, CFC, S7-PDIAG, S7-PLCSIM, TeleService, DOCPRO, S7-200 PC Access, SIMATIC iMap, S7-Technology, D7-SYS, Drive ES engineering software, Distributed Safety Software, S7 F/FH Systems, S7 F Systems, SIMATIC Safety Matrix, Version Cross Manager, Version Trail, SIMATIC PDM Process Device Manager & SINEMA E

Runtime software: Standard PID Control, Modular PID Control, PID Self-Tuner, Fuzzy Control, NeuroSystems, Loadable drivers for CP 441-2 and CP 341, Software redundancy, PRODAVE MPI & Easy Motion Control

HMI software: SIMATIC WinCC flexible ES, WinCC flexible/ChangeControl, SIMATIC WinCC flexible RT, SIMATIC WinCC flexible RT options, SIMATIC WinCC, WinCC Options & SIMATIC ProAgent

Catalog ST 80 / ST PC 2011

Human Machine Interface Systems

Contains detailed information related to the following components:

SIEMENS Operator Control and Monitoring Devices: Push Button Panels, Micro Panels, Mobile Panels (170 series, 270 series), Basic Panels, Panels (70 series, 170 series, 270 series), Multi Panels (170 series, 270 series, 370 series), SIMATIC THIN CLIENT & System Interfaces: Panels and runtime software

SIMATIC Panel PC: Panel PC 477B embedded, Panel PC 577B, Panel PC 677B (incl. INOX)

HMI Software: WinCC flexible engineering software, WinCC flexible ES options, WinCC flexible RT options, SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC, ProAgent process diagnostics software

Industrial LCD Monitors: SIMATIC Flat Panels, SCD Monitors


Catalog ST PC, PC-based Automation 2008

Embedded Automation and PC-Based Automation

Contains detailed information related to the following:

Embedded Automation. Industrial PC, Logic Control, Motion Control, Motion Control and Drives, Visualization, Communication, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Drives, Distributed I/O Stations – SIMATIC ET 200, Expansion Components

Catalog KT 10.1,SITOP

Power Supplies SITOP power, LOGO!Power2009

Contains detailed information related to the following power supply products:

Single-phase, output currents up to 2 A
Single-phase, output currents 2.5 to 4 A
Single-phase, output current 5A
Single-phase and two-phase, output current 10 A
Single-phase and two-phase, output currents 20 A and 40 A
Three-phase, output currents 5 to 40 A
Add-on modules
Uninterruptible power supply
Alternative voltages
Customized power supplies

Catalog ST PCS 7

Process Control System

Contains detailed information related to:

SIMATIC PCS 7 Industrial Workstation, Engineering System, Operator System, Maintenance Station, Automation Systems, Communication, Process I/O, SIMATIC PCS 7 Software and System Documentation, Batch Control, Route Control, Safety Integrated for Process Automation, IT Security, Connection of IT Systems, Compact Systems and Basic Packages, Previous Versions, Update/Upgrade Packages

Catalog LV 16, 2009 UL/IEC Products

Controls and Components for Applications according to UL-Standards

Contains detailed information related to:

SIRIUS 3RV17 and 3RV18 Circuit Breakers according to UL 489
SIVACON Components for Bus Distribution Systems according to UL 508A
SENTRON 3WL5 Air Circuit Breakers/Non-Automatic Air Circuit Breakers according to UL 489/IEC
SENTRON 3VL Molded Case Circuit Breakers according to UL 489/IEC
ALPHA Devices according to UL Standard
BETA Devices according to UL Standard

Catalog SI 10 - Safety Integrated 05/2011

Safety Technology for Factory Automation

Contains detailed information related to:

Totally Integrated Automation, Totally Integrated Power, Functional Safety of Machines and Plants, Safety Integrated, Fail-Safe Sensors, Detecting Devices, Commanding and Signaling, HMI Systems, Process Analytical Instruments, Evaluating/Communication, Communication over PROFIBUS/PROFINET, Communication over AS-Interface, Reacting, ET 200S Safety Motor Starter, ET 200pro Motor Starter, SINAMICS, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, SINUMERIK

Catalog FS 10, 2009

Sensors for Factory Automation

Contains detailed information related to:

Proximity switches (IO-Link, Sonar, Photoelectric, Inductive, Capacitive), Vision Sensors, Fail-safe sensors (switching strips, light barriers, light curtains and light grids, laser scanners), RFID Systems & Code Reading Systems (for production engineering, for logistics, for locating: MOBY R, Communication modules and RF-MANAGER Software)

Catalog DA 51.2 2007/2008

MICROMASTER 420/430/440 Inverters 0.12 kW to 250 kW

Contains detailed information related to:

MICROMASTER 420 “The universal” 0.12 kW to 11 kW
MICROMASTER 430 “The specialist for pumps and fans” 7.5 kW to 250 kW
MICROMASTER 440 “The all-purpose” 0.12 kW to 250 kW

Catalog PM 21 2011

SIMOTION, SINAMICS S120 and Motors for Production Machines

Contains detailed information related to:

SINAMICS S120 (control units, Engineering Software, Power Modules and line-side components, Line Modules and line-side components, Motor Modules, DC link components, load-side power components, Encoder system connection)
Synchronous motors (1FT6, 1FT7, 1FK7 Compact and 1FK7 High Dynamic motors, Gearboxes, Geared motors, 1FS6 motors, explosion-protected, 1FW3 torque motors)
Asynchronous motors (1PH7 motors, 1PL6 motors, 1PH4 motors)
Measuring systems
Connection system MOTION-CONNECT
SIMOTION (SIMOTION C – Controller-based, SIMOTION P – PC-based, SIMOTION D – Drive-based, SIMOTION software, SIMOTION Runtime Software, SIMOTION engineering software)
SIMOTION I/O components
SIMOTION Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Safety Integrated

Catalog FI 01 2009

Field Instruments for Process Automation

Contains detailed information related to:

SITRANS P Measuring Instruments for Pressure
SITRANS T Measuring Instruments for Temperature
SITRANS F Flowmeters
SITRANS L Level Instruments
SITRANS PS2 Electropneumatic Positioners
SITRANS I Supply Units and Isolators
Process Protection
Communications and Software